Tracking the man who always moves

The Adventures of the Mysterious Matt Barnes

A mysterious visitor, a secret parcel, and globe-trotting spies.

For the first time, I was going to see the bold, courageous, and mysterious Matt Barnes. He disappeared from civilization for years at a time. Where had he been? The Mendenhall Ice Caves in Alaska? Pharaoh's Treasury in Jordan's Petra? Wherever he had been, he suddenly reappeared. What would coax Matt Barnes to return to the civilized world?

Matt Barnes stepped into view. Under long overcoat, the superhero globetrotter was here. But Matt Barnes came and went in a single night. He disappeared again, leaving me a mysterious package. The wrapping had no name, address, or markings to show where it came from. And I quickly discovered I wasn't the only one who desperately wanted what was inside.

The Adventures of the Mysterious Matt Barnes

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Matthew Weigelt
Writer, Author, Speaker

Matthew Weigelt

Matthew Weigelt is an author and speaker. Writing on a dusty word processor as a teenager, he realized he could go anywhere by writing. He now writes at fast food restaurants. As a result, he has to work out at the gym. He lives in Indiana with his wife and two sons.

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